human life is equal parts miracle and dust.

beautiful. Every ounce. <3


thank you abundantly. <3

has your heart been broken? if so, i am dearly sorry.


my heart is growing up.

My dear, asking for an under thirty year old man to be wise is folly. Wisdom comes with age and anyone who claims to be wise at such a young age is a dangerous thing in itself. Your writing tugs at my heart strings. Keep going.


wisdom sometimes comes with age. 

i see where you’re coming from. but it’s also a piece of fiction. and isn’t truly indicative of what i’m looking for or expecting in anyone.

thank you for reading. <3

you literally just described me perfectly. too bad you're far away


oh distance isn’t a central issue that i’ve found. there are many other reasons i might not be with anyone near or far for a long time.

WANTED: Under thirty and profound. Amazed by sunflowers. Able to keep houseplants alive. Aware of, but not paralyzed by, the mystery and sometimes meaningless of life. Aware of, but not overly-convinced of, the miracle of humanness. Fond of the feeling of fingers grazing over one’s shoulders. Un-annoyed by the sound of fingers drumming wooden surfaces. Nostalgic of certain college courses but not really the college campus experience as a whole, if applicable. Not nostalgic of high school, but somewhat nostalgic of that sixteen-seventeen peak of youthful exuberance and angst. Kind. Willing to participate in hours of binge television show watching, at least once a month. Unafraid of being pursued by the FBI for streaming movies online. Natural sense of loyalty that’s slightly less than a dog’s but much more than a cat’s. Taste for all things mint-flavored. Almost eclectic. Maybe completely eclectic. Maybe even a little mundane. But absolutely must smile. Must laugh, even if it comes out as a muffled whisper. Laughter mustn’t groan, unless the joke entirely warrants it. Gentle. Mostly kind and gentle. Able to cope with long periods of silence and solitude. Not outrageously long, but substantial. Honest. Willing to step into a space of vulnerability. Even if skeptical, or afraid. Willing to try. But not too soon. Wise. But mostly kind. Kind and gentle. Hopeful. Firm. Doesn’t mind chipped nail polish, or chewed up nails. Or stray hairs. Or leg hair. Owns and shares warm sweaters. Interested in the prospect of children. Finds candlelight romantic. Creative. Goes to plays and such. But mostly — I mean really, most importantly — I mean knock the all of the other bits if these ones don’t apply — kind and gentle.

one of my best friend’s said to her boyfriend about this other girl who keeps talking to him,
“i don’t care if she text you good morning
you text her ass i said good night”

maybe i’m a little bitter
the ants got in the honey

a little mad about the sand
between the grains of wood

i guess i need a broom
but i’m too tired to sweep

i know i need to grocery shop
but my new couch is soft
and when i sink inside it
sometimes i think of arms
coming out and around me
and i feel starving
in a way i cannot feed

gurl, u are amazing


but for real though, you are

my aunt wrote me a letter. it’s one of the most beautiful and thoughtful letters ever written to me and it concludes with a winnie the pooh sticker.

and it’s in a winnie the pooh envelope.

clearly i come from a winning family lol