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my aunt wrote me a letter. it’s one of the most beautiful and thoughtful letters ever written to me and it concludes with a winnie the pooh sticker.

and it’s in a winnie the pooh envelope.

clearly i come from a winning family lol


Quick sketchbook blah


Quick sketchbook blah

you ever just talk to yourself


I swallow pain and convert it into creativity

Things do hurt less, after a time. They don’t stop hurting altogether. It’s just less intense. Instead of stabbing, it’s throbbing. Instead of throbbing, it’s pulsing softly. I’d say soft pulsing is the lowest threshold — the most reduced that pain gets. I think in the same way that you look for a pulse as a sign of enduring life, like, She’s not breathing, but she has a pulse — that soft aching pulse is the sign of enduring hurt.

But it isn’t consistent like a heartbeat. It isn’t turned on by living, it’s turned on by recollection. So time, and removal of the things that will remind you of the wound. That’s what I suggest, hon.

waiting for something to speak to me.

A Letter from Yasmin Belkhyr, the Founder & EIC of WTR


Dear all,

Winter Tangerine Review is easily my favorite thing in the world. Besides my mom. And brother. And chocolate croissants. And air conditioning in August. Well, one of my favorite things. We’ve had so many ups and downs in the past year and a half (woah, my baby is almost a toddler!) and it’s been such a pleasure going through all your work. Really. Thank you so much for believing in WTR’s mission, and in our staff, and in me. WTR went from an idea to an actual journal with a staff and a submissions platform and a website in about two weeks, and that is all because of those who have backed us from the very start, and we appreciate you so much more than you know.

As some of you may know, I’m doing a two-year gap program in South Africa starting in a few weeks (woah!) and this, among many other reasons, is why we have decided to temporarily go out of print. WTR was founded on four bases, one of which would be that we would try our very, very best to keep print alive, however we can. And we have not given up this dream. In the next year, we plan on (finally!) bring the Winter Tangerine awards to life, a blindly-read competition that will recognize the most electric poetry, prose and visual art, and will not only give a cash prize, but will also provide winners and finalists with mentors in their genre. We also plan on holding a print chapbook competition in early 2015 (more information on this soon!)! But what about the journal itself, you ask? We’re moving online, but not in a traditional sense - we’ll continue making manuscripts of WTR, but we’ll publish them as eBooks, available for purchase exclusively on our website. When we move back to print, we’ll continue publishing volumes online as well, so that those who live outside of the USA can experience WTR without breaking the bank for shipping.

As seen with WTR’s newest online feature, IMAGINARY HOMELANDS, guest-edited by the lovely Rosebud Ben-Oni (which is still accepting submissions so get to it, poets!), WTR will also move to publish an online feature once every four months that will range from the process of drafting to translations to poems about the color red. We are also going to hold a year-long open call for proposals, so anyone can curate a feature of work about what is important to them.

We are also opening submissions for our Short Film category and our Dramatic Writing category on September 1st. In the future, we do plan on putting on the Dramatic Writing submissions with actors and sets and a director’s chair in NYC, and our Short Films wil be played at the WTR Readings, Art Exhibitions, and Films Screenings. Speaking of…

What about the WTR readings?! Those are so fun! And great! And there’s hummus and guacamole! Don’t fret, loves. Those will continue to go on, thanks to the WTR NYC team! 

So the fact that we’re taking a short break from print is really just dwarfed by all the other cool stuff we have going on, anyway. (Volume Three and Four will be our first eBook volumes! Ayyyyy! Go, the internet!). We’re really excited for the next couple months.

Get ready, folks! Keep writing and painting and sculpting and filming! We can’t wait for this fire to spark.


Yasmin Belkhyr
Founder, EIC
Winter Tangerine Review

hey thank you for the beautiful blue #poetry tag #poetryeditor

Life can’t always be poetry.
Of course it can be. No, not even that. It is.
Well, you shouldn’t always live like it.