i had another piece workshopped in class today (that means 15 people talked about it for about 20/25 min in front of me) and it just…
it’s always difficult to hear people dissect and tear at your writing. it’s like those shows where women get up and model/walk on a runway and then everyone’s like ew your thighs, ew your hips, ew, your face chub, but i’m like SHE’S GORGEOUS WHAT THE HECK

there are those few people in class who really really like my piece, and then there’s the rest of the class like: too many weird adjectives, what’s up with that flashback, that sentence was too long, ew
and i’m like, you know, yeah, i probably should fix some of those things (with little flecks of tears in my eyes).

but seriously. to all the writers out there: VALUE THE WORKSHOP. value it realistically. your audience does need a certain degree of clarity—they need to be able to follow and keep up with your piece. but people have different stylistic preferences so don’t beat yourself up. don’t sweat the small stuff.

my narrator (the one i’ve been writing with most lately) likes run on sentences. if you can’t handle it, you won’t buy my collection. but someone else will. and they’ll put it on their nightstand. maybe give it to their daughter. and i will love that reader. i will love that reader with every bit of heart for writing that i have.

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